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My First Blog Post!

Welcome to my first post! I thought I'd talk a little about my writing to get started.

Someone recently asked me what the nicest thing I’d heard from a reader or reviewer was and I didn’t have to think twice about my answer. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for all reviews and it absolutely thrills me when I receive a great review. But there is one comment that will always be special to me.

When The Promise of Hope Shelter came out in 2017, someone mentioned it was like a Hallmark story and that put me over the moon. All I’ve ever wanted to do with my writing was to bring smiles to people—to give the reader a sweet, happy story about falling in love.

Since then, I’ve had two other people post and reach out to me through email stating the same thing about another book and I just love that. I mean, okay, my happily-ever-after stories include some hot sex, so…you know, a little different than Hallmark.

I like getting lost in my characters as I write, creating a story where love wins in the end. There may be challenges, but I want my characters to work through things and find their true love—or their happy for now, at the very least.

Real life is so full of, well, reality, with drama and sadness and sometimes it’s almost too much to bear, especially right now. Reading is a chance to escape for a while and I usually choose romance when I read. Having said that, I will admit to loving a great mystery or thriller, too, no matter how much drama and suspense there is. I’m also a big sci-fi fan. (Go Janeway!)

I don’t see myself ever writing in those genres, though. I enjoy writing romance too much. I also think there’s a real connection between the readers and writers of romance. It’s a close-knit community that cheers each other on, truly wanting the best for each other. When readers contact me to ask questions or let me know they enjoyed my story, it makes my day.

I’ve only been published for a couple of years and feel like I’m growing with each new story. So I also appreciate constructive feedback.

So I will continue writing my love stories, hoping to make a connection with readers and putting a smile on their face.

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