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The Writing Blues

I've got the writing blues. It's not really writer's block and it's not that I don't have several stories I could be working's more that I don't feel it. And it's driving me crazy! I want to write. I sit down to write and...nothing.


The words are in my head. The story is there. But still I don't type. Nothing goes on the page.

I'm in this weird funk and I'm not feeling my characters. And yet, I know them so well I want to tell their stories with the respect they deserve- if that doesn't sound too strange. I know that anything I write just now will come out wrong, that the words won't do the characters justice. If I feel "flat" when I write, I know people won't really get to know the characters and that's not fair to the readers or the characters.

Oh, I know I'm not the best author out there and my stories are simple love stories, not the "Great American Novel", but I still want to make an impact on the reader. I want them to read a story I've written and root for the main characters.

This has happened before and the best thing to do is roll with it. Give in to it, but only for a while. If I'm still in a funk in a few more days, I'll force myself to get some words down on the paper- even though they will most likely be deleted soon after. Because telling the story is what it's really about, right?

In the meantime, I'm working on things like this! Blog posts are easier, because they aren't centered around the story or characters. I'm also reading- a lot. I find reading can inspire me and many times get me out of my Gloomy-Gus mode and even if it doesn't, I still love to read! I've also been working on some Facebook posts, scrolling Twitter and reading about new releases by authors I like- and some new to me. Anything to keep my mind occupied and still "writing-centric".

I'm sure before long I'll be sitting down to finish one or two of my works-in-progress and I honestly can't wait to get back to writing!

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