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Schools and Bullying

I just read something that infuriated me and immediately turned to writing because that’s just what I do when I’m angry. LGBTQ Nation posted an article on 08/10/18 about a new plan for bullied students in Florida.

Bullying is an epidemic in America and, according to the Human Rights Campaign ( those on the LGBTQ spectrum are twice as likely to be bullied.

Since Trump took office, he has rolled back protections, erased any mention of LGBTQ on the government site, attempted to ban transgender soldiers from serving in the military, and refused to acknowledge or support any LGBTQ person or campaign.

His blatant disregard for human rights has led to a rise in bullying, harassment, and assaults. Those who used to keep their hatred under the radar feel as if Trump has given them free reign to unleash that venom on anyone that doesn’t conform to their narrow-minded views. This hatred is spreading like a poison through communities across America, leaving LGBTQ teens even more vulnerable.

Which brings me back to this article on LGBTQ Nation titled Florida’s Plan for Bullied LGBTQ Kids? Send Them to Christian Schools.

In March, Florida created a voucher program called The Hope Scholarship Program for bullied children which either gives them $6,700 toward tuition at a private school or $750 to put toward transportation to a different public school. As you might have guessed, many are upset with this, as it does not actually address the issue of bullying. The bullies will only continue, while the students may become victims again at their new school.

The article says about seventy private schools have signed up and of those, 10% have a zero tolerance policy regarding homosexuality. Think about that… if a teen is not out to their parents, or if they are being raised in a home that is hostile to LGBTQ rights, they could end up at on

of those schools, in turn causing even more damage.

According to this article, “30% of the schools use curricula that teaches that homosexuality is wrong”. Actual textbooks state this!! I am livid that in this day and age, children are being taught this.

This program not only does nothing to ensure a child is no longer bullied by following through with a zero tolerance policy on bullying. Instead, that child or teen is sent to another school, where bullying will most likely continue.

Our schools are failing our children. We are failing them. We are not giving them a safe place to fall and it’s time the adults stepped up and said “enough”! How do we do that? We call our elected officials—from the community level and up. We hold those in power accountable. We demand they protect our children.

Check out the article through the link above and then let’s see what we can do to make sure our kids are safe.

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