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Guest Post by K.L. Noone: On “Sunlight and Gold,” or, That Story About the Demon and the Rock Star a

Hi there!

First, thank you to Sarah Hadley Brook for inviting me over for a guest blog post! I’m excited to stop by and talk about “Sunlight” a bit, on the release day!

Second, who am I? Well—hi again! I’m K.L. Noone, and I write romance—mostly m/m, mostly paranormal, often with cats. In my day job I teach college kids about comics, Shakespeare, and medieval romance, which also sometimes involves genderfluid twelfth-century werewolves. (I’m on Twitter at @KristinNoone and Instagram at @greenwoodoutlaw if you want to chat, or you can follow me on Wordpress—links below!)

So, “Sunlight,” because that’s, er, the point of this blog post! And I have promised demons and wedding-bells, so…

It’s August 18, which is officially release day! *throws confetti* Here’s the JMS Books link, before I start rambling about it: Sunlight and Gold.

Some context: you can certainly read “Sunlight” without having read the previous stories; it should make sense on its own, or I hope so. It is, though, technically the fourth (and more or less final) of the Demon for Midwinter (contemporary paranormal m/m) sequence, which currently includes the full-length novel A Demon for Midwinter, plus the bonus short stories “Lightning in a Bottle,” “Love Songs for Every Day,” and now “Sunlight and Gold.” So far we’ve seen Justin (our demon) and Kris (our aging rock star) fall in love, cope with betrayal and evil exes, meet the family, and write new music together—and in “Sunlight,” they’ve both been thinking about the future, and a certain question, and matching rings, in a shade of gold that’ll catch the light from demonic fire-hair. In one way, it’s a very domestic story, no huge mysteries or life-altering revelations—coming home, a kiss, dessert, some gently kinky tender sex on a sofa—but in another sense, of course, everything’s revealed: it’s about what they both want, what they’re not afraid to admit they both want, and what they can have, together.

Like all my stories, this one’s got a soundtrack; some of the songs this time around include the Scorpions’ "No One Like You;" The Fratellis’ "Whistle For The Choir;" Foreigner’s “I Want To Know What Love Is,” and Dashboard Confessional’s “Heart Beat Here,” because it’s so sweetly intimate. And intimate might in fact be the best word for this one: warm as sunlight, true as gold, quiet and bright and hopeful as a promise. (Plus baked goods. Which taste like orange marshmallow cream.)

“Sunlight” will be the last of the Justin & Kris-centered stories, and it’s a bit sad—I’ve spent so much time with them, and I’ll miss them—but they’re always here, of course; they’re not going away, and I’m so excited for readers who haven’t met them yet to come and join us in this world!

And speaking of this world, we’re not quite done yet. One of my upcoming stories, for the JMS Books “Snowed In” collection, takes place in the same universe, but quite a bit earlier—so expect Regency-era magical investigations, debates over the practicality of fashion choices, and supernatural blizzards that require our heroes, Kit and Harry, to take refuge together in a convenient hunting lodge…

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy “Sunlight,” and all the magical happy endings that a demon and his rock star could ever hope for—with, appropriately, delectable dessert foods.

Thanks for joining me, and thanks for reading! And I—and Kit and Harry—will see you in the Regency past, very soon…

K.L. Noone

Twitter: @KristinNoone

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